Day in the Life


Another peek into my freelance/artist life.

Tuesday October 23

8:45am Wake up and get coffee

9:15am Admin work

10:20am Leave for networking event (Connect Now)

11:15am Networking event. I go to Connect Now monthly, which is a networking event for small businesses and entrepreneurs. They have lunch and learns, with different speakers every month, on business topics. I find it encouraging and nice to have an event to talk to other people on the entrepreneur journey.

1:30pm Shop downtown a bit, browse the comic book store, and pick up supplies for printmaking.

2:45pm Arrive at Dundarave. Work on etching and proofing for November group art show.

4:45pm Coffee break

5pm Continue printing. I printed the edition! Yay!

6:45pm Finish printing, done for the day. The plate I was working on, I had the most challenges with. So it was nice to get it finished.

Thanks for reading!



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