Grieving on Social Media – The Illustration Process

In this post I will share images breaking down how I created the final full page illustration that I recently completed for Shameless magazine. I start by referencing my rough, and figuring out what I need to draw for the different parts of the illustration. In this case I drew a portrait for the profile pic, a landscape for the cover photo, and a candle for the candlelight vigil portion.


I draw all my components, then carve them out in lino, and print the lino blocks.

After I scan in all my prints, I digitally collage them together in Photoshop to create the composition. In this case I duplicated the candle several times, and stretched or squashed it to create some perspective. The candlelight circles in the background, I created digitally.


When I am happy with the composition, I add the grey tones. Usually at this point I add color, but in this case the illustration was going to be black and white.


Ta da! All done!

Thanks for reading!


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