Four Days in Seattle – Part Two

Monday – Day Three

In the mornings during my trip, I started the day with a walk down the seawall, which was lovely. It was sunny most of the days while I was there. After my walk I would go to the original Starbucks and do a little painting. It was a nice, slow way to start the day.


Monday morning I went to an underground tour, called Beneath the Streets. I learned they have one in Gastown in Vancouver too, so I might check that out sometime. Pioneer Square in Seattle, is where Seattle originally started. The pioneers built the town too close to the water, so when the tide came in, it flooded the streets, and was quite messy. A fire started in one of the shops, and burnt the whole town down. Fortunately the area that burnt down was only the merchant shops, the homes were further up the hill. No one died in the fire. The town considered the fire a fresh start, and re-built the town, fixing the mistakes they made the first time around. They re-built higher up from the water. We toured through tunnels left from the original town. Apparently the tunnels were used during the American prohibition to smuggle booze in to America from Canada. It was a really informative tour, and our guide cracked a few jokes along the way. Our group was quite small as well, which made it more personal. There is another company that does underground tours, but their groups are really large, like 50 people. Our group was maybe 15-20 people.


Watercolor sketch of a detail of a building downtown Seattle.

In the evening I went to the David Sedaris talk. It was a fun night, his humor is quite in-your-face and blunt. It was very adult humor, so I’m not sure what the 12-year old kid sitting in front of me thought. David read journal entrys that haven’t been published yet, it was nice to hear new content. He also read a speech he gave to a graduating class of a university.

Tuesday – Day Four

The last day in Seattle, I didn’t have anything planned for the day, so I asked the staff at the front desk, and they recommended checking out Capitol Hill, which is a trendy/hipster shopping area. It was a bit of a walk from the hostel, but it was nice outside. I also tried to find Volunteer Park, which is supposed to have good views of the city, but I didn’t find it. I stopped in a coffee shop and did some painting; there were two other artists there drawing and painting as well, so we had a little art party going on at one of the larger tables. It was cool. During my walk around Capitol Hill, I also found a chocolate shop (See’s Candies), which gave me a generous sample of one of their treats. Later in the afternoon, I went to Fran’s Chocolates, where I got another generous sample of one of the chocolates.

In the morning during my painting time at the Starbucks, I had a neat little experience. I was painting away at my table, and an elderly couple sat down next to me. They became very interested in what I was doing, and we chatted and joked a little bit. The husband asked me if the coffee helped my drawing at all, and I said, yes, it does! I started painting one of the other customers in the Starbucks, and halfway through my painting, he got up and left. The wife said, “Uh Oh!”, and the husband said, “Do you want me to ask him to sit back down?”. We had a chuckle. They were lovely, and wished me a good day when they left.


Then in the evening, I took the train back to Vancouver. All in all, a very fun trip, and I had a good time.


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