Broken Pencil illustration

Recently I did some illustrations for Broken Pencil magazine, and another one of them has been published. This illustration was for a short story titled “The Trouble with Sisters”. The story is about two sisters and their relationship. One sister helped the other one out during tough financial times, but the help wasn’t appreciated. The sister is resentful towards her sibling, and part of the story is about her getting her revenge.

I had trouble with the concept for this story, so I think the illustration is so-so. These are the two roughs I sent to the art director.

The art director chose the purse illustration. This is the lino print of the purse.


When carving the lino block, I forgot that the purse was white in the story. So I made the purse white in Photoshop instead, so I didn’t have to carve the lino block all over again.

This is the final illustration.


Thanks for reading!


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