Monoprint Series

I recently learned how to do monoprinting (a method of printmaking where you only get one unique print per plate). To practice this new skill, I have decided to work on a new art series, of building or architecture details. My first monoprint is of a downtown building detail from my trip to Seattle. I have since been collecting photos and doing small watercolor studies of interesting architecture that I see.

This is the watercolor painting I worked from for my first monoprint.


This is the first print I pulled of my monoprint plate.


To create the image, I started by scratching a simple line drawing into the plexiglass plate. Then I rolled the whole plate with etching ink. Once the plate is completely covered in ink, you use a rag to wipe off ink from larger areas (I started with the background area). For very white areas, you use a Q-tip to wipe off the ink. For some of the finer white lines, I used a chopstick. If you wipe off too much ink, you can always apply more ink again with a brayer. I did this on the background, because in my first attempt I wiped off too much ink, in too many directions. Every stroke and brayer mark, you will see in the final print. I really enjoyed the process, it is very painterly and expressive.

After pulling the print, I pulled a “ghost” print, which is another print, without doing anything to the plate. You print with whatever ink is left on the plate, resulting in a lighter image. I then added watercolor to the print, after it was dry.


I will post more images as I create them, so stay tuned for updates on this project! It will probably be a long project, as I am thinking of turning it into a solo show.


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