Day in the Life


Tuesday January 8th

6:30 am Wake up and get ready. Why do I wake up so early on my day off?

7 am Write blog post

8 am Go to Max’s for coffee and cinnamon bun

8:15 am Admin work

9:00 Laundry

11:00 Go to Small Victory on Granville street. Get a breakfast sandwich and latte. Good food but no WiFi

12:15 Work on some ideas for postcard mailer, do some sketching.

1:00 Wander around Chapters

2:00 Go to Trees Organic Coffee in search of WiFi and write blog post

2:50 Head home and browse in shops on the way

4:30 Arrive home & do more admin stuff

5:00 Post blog post, and shortly after this will call it a day.

I don’t always work a whole lot on my freelance days; I think this day totals about half a day of actual work. I tend to work in short bursts with lots of breaks in-between, but this works for me.


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